Single Page Dashboard

Track all your Orders, Quotations & Invoices in a single page and understand the status of your receivables and plan your working capital needs accordingly.

Track Payments and Invoice Status

Get all your Invoice status on a single page and track payment status and submit payment requests. Track your credit cycles and manage your receivables easily. Get to know the exact date of your payments and plan accordingly. Manage your accounts in real time by tracking whether your invoices have been approved for payment and solve all issues at the click of a button.

Get & Track Inquiries

Get new quotes, accept, reject or give quote directly through our application. Manage all your inquiries and get data on the orders you did not receive. Improve your conversions and grow your business.

Order Tracking

You can now accept or reject order based on your availability in just one click. With our real time logistics tracking, we enable real-time tracking of every order at your fingertips. know exactly where and when the order has arrived. Get the help of our own logistics network to serve your clients better.


  Why should I sell on Infra.Market?
Infra.Market is a leading online marketplace for all kinds of materials related to Real Estate and Construction Businesses. With more than 1,000 orders being successfully executed through the website users every month, Infra.Market is the strongest portal providing visibility to your products to customers across India.
  Who can sell on Infra.Market?
Anyone selling construction or real estate related products which are existing or new in the market is eligible as a Seller. Since Infra.Market has a verification process, the seller should have the following details:

1. Bank account for successful transactions.
2. GST registration.
3. Verified PAN.

We conduct a detailed visit and audit of the seller's premises prior to approval for supply.
  How can I receive payments?
All payments made by the Buyer is to Infra.Market. We take full responsibility for ensuring timely payment to all our suppliers. We make payments as per the pre decided payment terms decided in purchase order issued to by Infra.Market. Even in case of delay in payments by eventual consumer we ensure that all our vendors receive timely payemnts.
  Will the Buyer make a direct payment or will Infra.Market be involved during the payment process?
Infra.Market will be involved in any order successfully completed through the website. Seller will receive payments via Infra.Market and notified via email.
  How do you earn? What is your Business Model?
The price is quoted by supplier and Infra.Market adds a nominal margin to compensate for the transportation cost and to operationally break even.
  How will I be assured of getting orders?
We process more than 1000 successful orders every month and are growing every day. A majority of our buyers keep returning for a repeat purchase. We have a dedicated marketing team working towards increasing our reach to customers exponentially. As a seller, we help you gain recognition and expand your business in the process.
  How do I Sign Up on Infra.Market as a seller?
Fill up the form below and submit. We strongly suggest you upload a brochure or company profile, as it will help our executives process your sign up quicker. We will then get in touch with you and schedule a visit and futher our process of supplier approval. Once approved we will start placing you inquiries.

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