LED Surface Panel Lights – Round and Square

LED Surface Panel Lights have a modern feel to them adding to the home décor. Unique Screwless design and longer shelf life, these are available in round and square panels, and they save 80% more energy.



  • Homes


  • Malls


  • Office


  • Showrooms


Operate 100/230V

Operate 100/230V

Get uninterrupted light with LEDs that can withstand high voltage and sustain voltage fluctuations.

Upto 80% Saving

Upto 80% Saving

Enjoy maximum savings with our energy efficient LEDs that provide an enhanced lighting experience

Eco- Friendly

Eco- Friendly

Reduce hazardous impact on environment while enjoying better lighting with LEDs that do not contain mercury content.

Power Features

Wattage 9W, 12W, 15W Input Voltage 230V AC
Power Factor 0.95
Lumens Wattage 9w 12w 15w
Lumens 810 Lumens 1080 Lumens 1350 Lumens

Performance Features

Colour Temperature 2700K, 4000K, 6500K CRI 80
Life Upto 25000 Hrs

Safety Features

Mercury Content No Mercury Surge Protection Upto 2.4 KV
IP (Ingress Protection) IP 20 Voltage Withstand Range 100V-300V AC

Fixture Design

Body Shape Round, Square Material Polycarbonate
Dimensions Shape Wattage
9w 12w 15w
Round Diameter – 116 mm, Height – 38 mm Diameter – 166 mm, Height – 37 mm. Diameter – 166 mm, Height – 37 mm.
Square Length – 116 mm, Width – 116 mm, Heigth – 37 mm Length – 166 mm, Width – 166 mm, Heigth – 38 mm Length – 166 mm, Width – 166 mm, Heigth – 38 mm

Basic Details

Suitable For Homes, Malls, Office, Showrooms Warranty 2 Years

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