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Who we are

We at Infra.Market are trying to effectively manage disruption throughout the construction ecosystem as we prepare all players for the next normal.


Create a product house without manufacturing and build a vertically integrated platform to provide end to end products and services

Designers and Engineers

Build capabilities of design and offsite manufacturing facilities. Consolidate to gain scale and internationalize footprint

Materials Manufacturers

Double down on operational excellence by digitizing processes and manufacturing plants by adopting lean and agile principles. Integrate in value chain by developing solutions

Component Manufacturers

Gain scale and standardize across borders. Investing in digitalization while avoiding commoditization. Modularize products and service offerings to enable standardization and reduce variances

Together we can make Difference

  • 304 Clients
  • 289 Manufacturers
  • 742 Projects
  • 4 Countries
  • 946 Daily Deliveries

Overview of the Company Services

Infra.Market has developed a highly-diversified offering, allowing us to provide a wide variety of client services and solutions across the construction life cycle.

Utilizing offsite manufacturing to bring new efficiencies to construction projects.

Product-based approach & Off site Manufacturing

Digitalization of products and process

Value-chain control and intergration with industrial-grade supply chains

Realtime demand aggregation and higher capacity utilization of manufacturing partners.

Supply Chain Innovations for the next normal, Rethinking multi-touch distribution for construction materials manufactures.

Make your retail execution and merchandising data-driven and interlligent.

Enabling direct to brand retail reach.

Distribution and logistics management system.

Order management system including complete secondary sales automation.

We offer contractors a better way to manage mixed construction fleets by leveraging technology solutions to work smarter, more efficiently, and increase productivity.

Better productivity starts with smart jobsite technology.

Discover a better, tech-powered way to rent.

Start making better decisions for your business and take back control of your fleet.

Realtime demand aggregation and higher capacity utilization of idle machinery.

Industries we serve

Infra.Market is a technology company which is trying to change the way industries across the construction ecosystem manufacture their products.

Automotive Industry
Cement Industry
Real Estate Industry
steel Industry
Infrastructure Industry
Chemical Industry
Real Estate