Easy Online Registration & Hassle Free Approvals

Clients can register online at our website and our team will take them through the process of approvals. Upon submission of necessary documentation clients will get approved. Once approved the client will get login credentials and can start procuring online hassle free.

Easy Credit Approvals

Credit approval will be done by our team & our clients can take help of the same for managing their purchases & payment cycles.

Instant Quotes & Lowest Prices

Clients can get instant quotes on various products including cement, steel, chemicals etc. They can avail the lowest prices available and get bulk purchase discounts on all products.

Timely Price & Delivery Updates

Our clients get continuous and timely price updates on all their required products, thereby enabling them to procure better. With the help of our unparalleled logistics network, we ensure timely delivery & provide instant updates on our mobile app.

Order Tracking

We enable our clients to track their orders real time ensuring seamless delivery and site performance. They can plan their site activities according to the updated delivery schedule.

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