Construction companies traditionally invest less than 1% of revenue in new technologies—lower than every other major industry. As a result, the last several decades have seen the construction productivity remain stagnant while the costs continue to go up.

We believe that the multi-billion dollar Indian construction industry is ready for change.

We are ready to do better.

We are bringing the technology, design and supply chain innovations that revolutionized Silicon Valley to the world of infrastructure and construction.


A New Way Forward. It’s time to move beyond “what’s been” to redefine what is possible.

We are bringing fresh minds and tools to the world of infrastructure and construction. We are applying systems approaches to remove unnecessary time and costs from building development, design, and construction.

With the latest technology at our fingertips, efficiency no longer has to come at the expense of quality or sustainability.

Led by a team that combines expertise from the technology, design, manufacturing and construction companies, we are transforming how buildings and spaces come to life.


We are a one-stop source for every category of construction materials.

Our end-to-end service model means clients no longer need to depend on multiple partners and vendors. From day one, we can provide greater assurance and transparency from feasability through project completion.

Our advanced manufacturing, product sourcing team and logistics network offers a simpler alternative to the traditionally large number of suppliers and manufacturers. Our integrated approach aggregates demand to build negotiating power that benefits all of our clients.


We aggregate demand to offer economies of scale on material pricing not previously available to individual customers and projects.

As a part of Infra.Market's end-to-end building services, we offer our direct material customers unprecedented time and cost savings by leveraging the reach of our national supply chain and aggregating material demand across multiple projects to lower pricing.

We decode our client's complete material project requirements and ensure delivery in the right time, quantity and mix ensuring just in time delivery and reducing unnecessary inventory carrying costs while ensuring no delay due to non availability.

Better prices shouldn't sacrifice quality. We hold every product to the highest design, durability and environmental standards.

Our unique approach to construction of buildings and integrated national supply chain offers newfound quality, scale and efficiency to residential and commerical building projects. We follow strict quality norms and all our suppliers are pre-vetted and are subjected to frequent quality audits.


Our sophisticated technology platform connects Infra.Market client requirements directly to our supply chain infrastructure for ease of ordering, tracking and manufacturing till on site delivery.

Advancement in technology enables deep integration and newfound efficiencies between design, supply chain and onsite assembly, making the Infra.Market model possible. Our clients get timely updates of at every stage of order fullfilment from the point of order to the point of delivery at site. Our customers can always access the best price and get access to historical purchase data and predicted price fluctuations in near future as predicted by Industry Experts.

We invest heavily in research and development to bring the best of enterprise technology to construction.

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