Timba 710

Built gap-free with non overlapping layers, it comes with a 11-year "Peace of mind" warranty. Made from selected hardwood species and 100% composed core, Timba 710 is MUF resin ply. Owing to least formaldehyde emissions (E1 Level), it promises no teary eyes or breathing suffocation. Furthermore, it provides total protection against termites, borer, and fungus, ensuring a long, hassle-free life for your home and office furniture.

Sizes (Available in mm):


  • Doors

  • Bathroom Cabinets

  • Sofa

  • Bed

Borer & Termite Resistance

Emission Level-E1

Matt Finish

11 Years Warranty

VierPro Technology

SL NO. Tests Method ISI requirements Observed Values
1 Dimension Squareness Length :+ 6mm
Width :+ 3mm
Thicknes : ± 5%
Max : 0.2%
Length- 2442
Width- 1221
Thickness- 19mm
Squareness - 0.13
2 Moisture content Moisture content should not be less than 5% and not more than 15% 9.4%
3 Glue Adhesion in
(a) Dry State
(b) Wet Strength
Minmum Individual: 1100 Avg.: 1350 N
Minm Individual: 800 N
Avg.: 1000 N
1401 N
1110 N
(c) Adhesion of Plies Bond shall show minimum Pass Standard, Poor or Excellent Satisfactory
4 Glue Adhesion & Water Resistance Test (cyclic test followed by knife test: A cycle of 8 hrs. submerged at 60℃ +/-2 ℃ and 8 hrs. drying at 65℃ +/- 2 ℃) After 8 cycles Satisfactory
5 Tensile Strength
(a) Parallel to the grain direction
Should not be less than 42.0 N/mm2 45.6 N/mm2
(b) Prependicular to the grain direction Should not be less than 25.0 N/mm2 31 N/mm2
(c) Sum of both the direction Should not bf less than 84.5 N/mm2 84.63 N/mm2
6 Mycological Test
(a) Glue Shear Strength
Average 1000 N
Minimum lndividual :
800 N
(b) Adhesion of Plies Test piece shall show no appreciation signs of separation at the edges of the Veneers Satisfactory
7 Modulus of Elasticity
(a) Along the grains of the face Veneer
Average: 7500 N/mm2
Min. lndividual-6700
8070 N/mm2
7360 N/mm2
(b) Across the grain of the Face Veneer Average: 4000 N/mm2
Min. lndividual-3600
4270 N/mm2
3980 N/mm2
8 Moduls of Rapture
(a) Along the grains of the face Veneer
Average:50 N/mm2
Min. lndividual-45
55.1 N/mm2
48.5 N/mm2
(b) Along the grains of the Face Veneer Average: 30 N/mm2
Min. Individual-27
30.9 N/mm2
29.5 N/mm2

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