Madhuri Sathe

It's been more than a year since my association with Infra.Market and it couldn’t get any better. Truly! I remember the day when I was interviewed here upon being referred to by one of my friends. It profoundly changed the whole direction of my career and offered me opportunities that I could have only dreamt of. With God’s grace, I was a part of a decent corporate life with opportunities to experiment, grow, and succeed.

I always wanted to be independent, right from my childhood as I would see my father sweating hard to provide for us a better lifestyle. He hailed from a farmer’s family where he strived to make ends meet, which led him to move to Bombay where he started working in a factory. He always wished for us to achieve a respectable lifestyle.

From a very young age, both my brother and I were made to realize the importance of education and being independent. During my graduation, I started working as a computer trainee, my first step toward being independent, lending a helping hand to my father. I would walk considerable distances just to save that extra penny that would otherwise be spent on transportation. When my friends went out to celebrate weekends, it would be very natural for me to follow my regular routine and get back home for other chores.

What changed the course of my career was that one interview with Aarti ma’am. Despite not having any relevant experience, I was hired based on my self-motivation and perseverance to work. Infra.Market was at the nascent stage then. It provided me with new opportunities to learn from scratch, fall and stand up again for a newer challenge every day. Soon the company started booming, the departments multiplied, offices splurged, and growth augmented for both Infra.Market and myself.

I was over the moon when Aarti ma’am expressed her thoughts of continuing to work with me during expansion. My dedication and hard work were duly acknowledged. I also want to offer my gratitude to Aaditya sir who has taken out the time to applaud my work amidst his busy schedules.

I specifically want to thank Aarti Sharda and Aaditya Sharda for keeping their belief intact and never having second thoughts about my capabilities and sincerity. It has really accelerated my growth, personally as well as professionally. From here on, I only want to march forward and lead by example.