Raghavendra B

I always wanted to accomplish something extraordinary that the industry would find valuable. That moment came when I got my PhD with the support of my family and peers. It was another feather in my cap as gaining this achievement, academically was something very dear to me. And then having recently been felicitated by REVA University on Engineerís Day was an honour. At last, I fulfilled my motherís dream of making me an engineer and I am proud to have done so successfully.

My journey to success and beyond had its share of roller coasters. From presenting technical papers at college to contributing significantly to the growth of companies, I faced every challenge with determination. The appetite for advancement and the desire to do things my way on a platform had egged me on always. So, when I got the opportunity to work with my ex-colleagues, I took it up and thatís when I decided to join Infra.Market.

I had built the best team at my previous workplace, which is now a well-known name in the RMC sector. I knew I could do it again as my previous employment demonstrated that one of my strengths was creating second-in-line leaders. We were one of the pioneers of manufacturing best quality concrete in the RMC industry.

Now when I look back, the turning point in my career was when I was awarded as the Young Engineer of Karnataka by the Indian Concrete Institute in 2015. Every obstacle for me became a chance to go beyond and do something better. Right from the very start of my career, when it was difficult searching for a night college to complete M Tech, my professorís advice of doing MSc in Engineering by research came in handy.

I have always felt that everything I achieved did not belong to me alone as it was possible only due to the support of people around me. I cannot help but acknowledge the importance of being a people person. My biggest contribution therefore to my employer is to have developed a strong team with great attitude. From my amazing family to the people, I have worked with, have helped me build a concrete career and therefore, my life in this industry.