Robert Prasad

Growing up in Nagpur, I was the youngest among two brothers and two sisters. We led a humble life as my father was the only breadwinner and he wanted to give us the best and a bright future. Having completed my MBA and Masterís in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, I started working for a reputed cement brand. There, I had the fortune of meeting Pankaj Sir, who had become akin to a role model for me. Seeing him work hard at a temperature of around 48 degrees at Chandrapur was no less than inspiring. From one workplace to another, we drifted, smoothly transitioning and building enriched job profiles.

Appallingly, one of the personal setbacks came when my elder sister was diagnosed with a critical illness. I grappled with this plight and quit my job to ensure she had the best care and support as she went through chemotherapy and an operation. Thankfully, she overcame it and bounced back after a year and a half to resume her work.

Just after this, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pankaj Sir contacted me to discuss the concept of Infra.Market. As it was unheard of, initially, I was hesitant to take the call. But I can now gladly say that joining this company was one of my best decisions. I felt like an integral part of the company as it grew from a humble beginning to a multi-brand well-respected by dealers and other people in the industry. I knew I wanted to be a part of that journey to success. The freedom to work my way and the faith Pankaj Sir put in me egged me to work harder. Gradually, the work culture of Infra.Market grew on me. The support they extended to me when I got admitted to the hospital was incredible. My pulse rate fell, and I needed an immediate operation to install a pacemaker. I was in a state where I was unsure about going through it and mind-numbing thoughts about my future & my family engulfed me. But the organization stood by my family and me through thick and thin. From my team to the HR and everyone who knew me cooperated and stayed connected with my wife and me every moment. Even after I joined back after seven days, people from my company kept checking on me now and then. There is no doubt in my mind that it will become one of the top ten employers in India. I thank the founders, Aaditya Sharda and Souvik Sengupta, who created a rich work culture that keeps their employees happy, satisfied, and motivated.

Lastly, it was an immensely proud moment for all of us when our founders were invited by Fortune Magazine and recognized for their achievements. The increasing appreciation our organization received this year has cemented our position in the industry.