Vanita Mane

Returning to work post motherhood can be an overwhelming experience for many, and initially, it was the same for me. However, it has been over three years now, and with the support of my co-workers like Shailendra and seniors like Manish Sir, and Swati Ma’am, I have been navigating the challenges skilfully while enjoying both personal and work life. When you become a parent, the awareness and sensitivity to your surroundings and health increase. Your sense of responsibility as an individual heightens as well. So, in 2018, I made a choice that enriched my life in a big way. I decided to give back to society and the environment at large.

The TMC (Thane Municipal Corporation) and the inhabitants in my neighbourhood came up with the idea to launch a plastic waste collection drive. From polythene bags to plastic toys, we would gather all types of plastic garbage in our homes and store it, only to give it away twice a month when the TMC does its rounds. The collected waste would be repurposed later to make toys and other household items. We were working towards a plastic-free future slowly but surely. While that was just the start of becoming environmentally aware, we even backed it up by engaging our families and children in other productive activities. Throughout the year, we instil this practice in our children to be considerate and save the seeds of fruits and vegetables instead of discarding them. During the summer season, we plant saplings from those same seeds.

The satisfaction I derived from that one decision to become environmentally sensitive was surreal. I am glad I took that decision, as it not only made me more responsible but also a more contended and happier human being. As a result, I considered imparting my knowledge even at work. And when Infra.Market switched from using plastic to glass bottles, it validated my perspective. It was no less than inspiring when I realized how much impact I can create with my consciousness. The ease with which my workplace adapted this idea was humbling and I knew I was working at the right place that aligned with my core values. I can now envision a future where we work together in tandem for the betterment of our upcoming generations.