Infra.Market MDF offers quality that aligns with international standards of performance, durability, and aesthetics, unlocking creative possibilities like never before.

Our MDF Products

Infra.Market MDF stands out for its adaptability and versatility, making it ideal for specialized applications that demand unique shapes and intricate designs. Whether crafting furniture or other interior elements, this MDF can be effortlessly carved and molded to bring your creative visions to life. Its superior technical features ensure strength and durability even in challenging conditions, enabling precise routing, machining, and finishing.

Infra.Market wood is sourced from the finest agroforests, and employing an environmentally friendly production process underscores our dedication to sustainability.


ISI 12406
Low Emission


MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a type of engineered wood product made from wood fibers that are combined with resin and other materials to form a dense, strong, and stable panel. Unlike natural wood, MDF does not have a grain, which makes it easy to cut, shape, and finish with a wide range of tools and techniques.

Because of its smooth surface, MDF can be easily painted.

Interior Grade, Exterior Grade and HDEMR (High Density Extreme Moisture Resistant), Prelam and CARB are the different types of MDF available at Infra.Market.

Infra Market's HDEMR is High Density Extreme Moisture Resistant Board which comes with 10 years warranty.

Plain is raw MDF Board whereas pre-laminated MDF has a laminate sheet pasted on either one side or both sides of the MDF board.

It is smooth, homogenous and versatile. It can be easily bent, routed or curved into any desired shape.

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