4 Tips to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

In today’s contemporary times, gone are the days when home décor was limited to fancy paints, tiles, and furniture. Now, consumers are becoming more conscious about each corner of their space. This has brought fans and lights into vogue again.

While combining stylish looks while maximizing utility can be a tricky balance to find, manufacturers are tactfully crafting designer fans to match the unique and evolving needs of consumers. Adding a chic look to air circulation, ceiling fans now come in a range of elegant styles. Hence, it has become significant to choose the right kind of fan that does not only match but also elevates the interior of your space.

  • Placement of the fan

It is important to consider the size of your room and check for the size of the fan that will fit the best along with serving its purpose of circulation enough air. Below is the table to help you with just that. It is common to get overwhelmed by looking at the variety placed on the shelf but choosing the right fan will yield the right value for money. You can go about measuring the area of your room along with appropriate blades suited to provide maximum air delivery in the room. The ceiling fan should ideally be at least 2.1 m above the ground and 30 cm below the ceiling.

  • Aerodynamic technology

The aerodynamic fan ensures superior air delivery and optimum performance, with negligible or low noise. These fans are made with streamlined blades fixed in a revolving casing. The cross section and spacing of such blades are made acronymically. The noticeably brings down the frictional, conversion, and loses due to recirculation. Aerodynamically designed fans do not only maximize utility but are also minimal and aesthetically pleasing, capable of uplifting the look and feel of the space.

  • Energy efficiency

Maintaining a comfortable climate can be a challenge, especially when considering the effect of air-conditioning on the energy bill. Ceiling fans are energy efficient. This is not only environmental-friendly but also cost-friendly when it comes to utilizing energy. If you are looking for an economic option for effective cooling systems, try fans with BLDC (Brushless Direct Motor Current) technology that offers a notable 50% reduction in power consumption. Standard fans are mounted with induction motors that use more energy while BLDC fans deliver superior air circulation along with using lesser power, thereby reducing energy consumption.

  • Availability of accessories

The utility of fans is not just limited to just cooling systems these days. It is integrated with lights that can add up to the dynamics of space. You can also look for fans with a remote control. In the case of high ceiling rooms, it is recommended to choose under light fans with the pull chords to spruce up the space further. One can also look for fans with the choice of LED lights, electroplated finishes, timer, color changing mechanism and lots more. You can also look for a reversible motor that allows you to enjoy cool air in summers and warm in winters.

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