Aniket Bhanushali

Being unable to hear or talk is not a disadvantage, my uncle always insisted. One can lead a fulfilling life just like any other individual, and from my personal encounters, I have realized that you could overcome any obstacle, if you have the willpower and ambition to succeed, regardless of your physical health.

I hail from Mumbai, where I live with my mother and younger brother. Even though I faced challenges during my childhood, I always had the unwavering support of my mother by my side, which helped me navigate through with strength and resilience. And in her, I saw that glimmer of hope that gave me the courage to open the door to a joyful future. She was the source of empowerment, as she kept reinforcing on the ability to live independently with a disability.

Doing the smallest of things like filling up a simple form, or making a bus pass can be difficult, especially when communicating with people who cannot use sign language. It is a bit unnerving, but the trick is to take it with a pinch of salt and not let it lower one's self-esteem. Many barriers and unfair treatment towards people with disabilities still exist in a world that preaches equality, but what keeps us going is the spirit to transcend our limitations and use them to our advantage.

While working with my uncle as an accountant, I completed B.Com, which shaped me into a well-rounded adult and contributed to my personal growth. I am grateful to the TEACH organization for believing in my capabilities and providing me with support to reach my potential. Additionally, I am thankful to my family for never treating me as anything less than capable and for always encouraging me to pursue my passions. During this period, I was also introduced to Infra.Market and my introduction to this organisation was a pivotal moment in my life, as being selected for the role filled me with an indescribable sense of joy and accomplishment. Though the first month was different with new challenges to navigate, my team's unwavering support made it seamless. Their encouragement, coupled with the positive work environment, helped me adjust to the corporate world with ease.

Ultimately, what matters most is our happiness, and I believe that striving to be the best version of ourselves is the key to achieving it.

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