Ankita Malhotra

Reskill & Invest in Yourself to Reignite Your Career with Unwavering Confidence

In a short span, I have successfully re-entered the workforce after an eight-year break. While there was a touch of apprehension regarding my ability to excel in my job role, deep down, I knew I possessed the strength to wholeheartedly embrace any challenges that crossed my path.

After completing 12th grade, I pursued BSc IT and then fate led me to study MBA. My education was, however, disrupted when my father passed away during my final exams. I returned to Jaipur, retook the exams, and secured an internship. During this time, I also worked in Operations at Shoppers Stop. Later, I requested a transfer to Delhi to be closer to my mother. My life has been a constant adaptation to new challenges and locations. Even after getting married, my husband's job required us to move from city to city, making it difficult to pursue a full-time career, especially after the birth of my children.

Balancing the role of a stay-at-home parent, I remained committed to improving my skills and being updated with industry standards. While prioritizing my children and family, I never lost sight of my passion for my profession. Actively participating in courses and leveraging online educational platforms, I consistently sharpened my skills. This dedication fostered a broader perspective, maintained professional relevance, and facilitated personal growth. Moreover, it allowed me to actively engage in discussions and activities with my children, acting as a knowledgeable resource and stimulating a rich learning environment at home. By setting an example of lifelong learning, I believe it instilled motivation and nurture their intellectual curiosity. Overall, it empowered me to lead a fulfilling life and make valuable contributions across various spheres.

After a brief hiatus, I received a job offer from Infra.Market, and I knew it was the right time to get back in the field. Although it has been not too long since I joined as a marketer, I am already adapting well and proud of my achievements. The supportive work environment and work-life balance at this company enable me to thrive both professionally and personally. I enjoy being on my toes and this work nurtures me from within, as I can explore more in this profession.

Ankita Malhotra

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