Hemant Kharpe

Becoming the breadwinner at 18, I took charge of my family's finances when my father lost his source of income. Juggling roles from tutoring to performing in orchestras, I completed graduation. Learning in an educational setting became transformative, delving into performances through experimental theatre and drama.

Post-graduation, I joined a leading retailer in customer service. Recognizing the importance of advancement, I pursued a part-time MBA, working during the day and attending night classes. Transitioning to marketing in the retail sector allowed me to enhance my skills in brand communication. Joining a reputable building material brand further expanded my experience.

Amidst this, I partnered with an animation studio amid a trend of 2D animation outsourcing. Despite high expectations, it didn't take off as anticipated. Recognizing a scarcity of 2D animation talent, we pivoted to providing courses for skill development. Unfortunately, over time, the business faced a decline as the demand for this skill waned. Navigating career shifts, I entered real estate reshaping conventional approaches with digital marketing expertise. Despite challenges, strategic risks doubled flat sales in six months. However, the COVID-19 shutdown upheaved the sector, leaving me without income.

After a two-year hiatus, I re-entered real estate and joined a top brand, contributing to international campaigns in Europe, the Middle East, China, and Brazil. Unfortunately, it shut, and my friend Gopal referred me to Infra.Market. With diverse experience in real estate and construction categories, I became the brand manager for IVAS Bath Fittings & Sanitaryware. Here, I applied my knowledge to excel in every aspect of brand building.

Through the constant ups and downs, I knew change is inevitable, and the only constant. I have always believed that like any other profession, marketing is a skill that can only be nourished with consistent practice and passion.