Jayeeta Biswas Mishra

Growing up in a quaint village in West Bengal, our mother yearned for us to experience the finest in education, upbringing, exposure, and opportunities she hadn't had herself. Her ultimate wish was to witness us leading lives marked by freedom and independence. As time passed, I embarked on a career in civil engineering, commencing my journey in a ready-mix cement company through campus recruitment. During initial training, I was the only woman among 19 participants, yet I remained committed to my priorities, undisturbed by the gender composition of my peers.

I never experienced discrimination thanks to the support and understanding of my peers, and commitment to my work, regardless of gender. I handled every task expected of a civil engineer, from scrutinizing the slump to overseeing site-related issues, with no gender-based exceptions or hesitations. During my ten-year tenure, I built a reputation that commanded RESPECT, with everyone knowing any task I undertook was in capable hands.

The challenge arose when my husband got a job transfer, and I chose to prioritize motherhood. Thereafter, I quit my job to relocate to my hometown. After a three-year hiatus, I felt the urge to rekindle my career. With my husband's unwavering support and encouragement to rejoin the workforce, I reconnected with a former senior, Mr. Sisir Pal and embarked on my role as a plant-in-charge at Infra.Market on August 7, 2023. Despite being the only woman on the team, I was confident in my position of authority, and RESPECT naturally followed.

Nonetheless, occasional challenges arose, especially when working with industry professionals like clients and government contractors. Some initially hesitated to engage with a woman, presuming they should receive directions from a man. Yet, as they acknowledged my authority and expertise in critical decision-making, it became evident that I held the reins. The competence, commitment, and RESPECT for one another within the team contribute to the strong rapport and trust that we've built. I'm fortunate to have exceptional team members who readily offer their assistance to each other whenever it's needed.

I've always believed that when you are clear about your own priorities, it becomes inconsequential whether you are a priority for others.