Naveen Chatla

Raised in Telangana, I was fresh out of my college, having completed post-graduation from Osmania University in Hyderabad. My first job was as a cashier in a chit funds company. However, financial difficulties arose after my father's passing, making it essential for me to find better opportunities to support my family. Encouraged by my uncle in Dubai, I decided to pursue an Industrial Safety course to advance my career.

I completed my one-year Diploma Safety course and trained under Dr. Reddy's CTO2 team. I worked for 3 years in Saudi Arabia as a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer. Later, I returned to India and worked in a civil construction company, Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) as a fire safety supervisor. After I worked for APGENCO project, COVID had struck. There came another twist in my career when I joined Arunachal Logistics in Telangana & restarted in the RMC sector. My professional journey has always been a mixed bag and I have enjoyed it that way for a long time.

Upon Rajesh Sir's recommendation, I applied for an opening at Infra.Market and was pleasantly surprised by the candid discussion about the job profile. I was firmly informed about the paramount importance of implementing safety in all our plants, regardless of the cost. Establishing the significance of the Safety Department in the RMC plant proved challenging initially, but I conducted meetings with staff, including drivers and on-field personnel, and later educated plant in-charges, QC teams, and GETs to spread safety knowledge. I created a safety culture based on innovation by conducting awareness programs, and training sessions particularly those by external experts for drivers, the team at the RMC plants, and more.

Implementing safety standards at client sites proved to be a different ballgame, as their work involved slabs, wall concrete, and floor concrete making. With tenacity and resourcefulness, I adapted the safety practices to suit each client's specific needs, earning the recognition and respect of my seniors. Over time, my unwavering efforts bore fruit, leading to remarkable improvements across the entire organization with reduction in accidents, that also instilled a sense of pride and responsibility among the employees.

Naveen Chatla

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