Pranali Dattaram Dhanavade

I come from a modest family, living with my parents and a brother. During my school years, my passion for sports fueled my competitive spirit, leading me to excel across various sports and consistently earn honors. While in college, I reached a personal milestone by obtaining a 90% mark and later excelled in the field of cost management through a CMCA degree. Overcoming challenges as a fresh graduate, I secured a position as an account executive at the second-largest distributor of a popular steel brand.

What struck me profoundly was that every step, from the early victories in sports to the academic triumphs and the pivotal entry into the steel industry, became a cause for CELEBRATION. In my family, in college, and now in the professional realm, the ethos of recognizing and rejoicing in achievements, both big and small, has been a constant and I have revelled in it. To me, it has always signified the determination to pursue goals with hard work, turning the journey into more than just a personal endeavor but a shared experience of joy and accomplishment.

Early on, my skills were evident, leading to key responsibilities, especially in purchase coordination with the company. Despite my initial inexperience in presentations and social interactions, my supervisor's trust and a supportive environment motivated me to overcome my reservations. Taking the plunge, I delivered a successful presentation that left a positive impression on everyone.

A significant turning point occurred when I received a call fromInfra.Market, offering me a position in their new Steel Division. This marked my entry into the corporate world, a special moment promising valuable experience. Despite initial apprehension about night billing, my father encouraged me, emphasizing the career opportunities it could open up. Over time, I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the role, diligently executing my responsibilities. My learning extended beyond purchase coordination to encompass business analysis, mastering accurate report crafting, target setting, execution oversight, and understanding every facet of the business cycle. This commitment earned me the recognition and appreciation of Ramesh Raina and Ritesh Rathi Sir, who not only became my inspirations but also served as steadfast pillars of support.

I've come a long way, progressing from aspiring for an ordinary account job to making critical business decisions. This journey, which is a wall of CELEBRATION, teaches the invaluable lesson that hard work is a continuous process, and authentic growth unfolds when you step out of your comfort zone and wholeheartedly embrace opportunities.