Rakesh Reddy Kondle

With 10 long years of work and struggle behind me, I never thought I would be this fortunate to join a corporate like Infra.Market. Back then, when I interviewed with Srivay Infra in Bangalore, I had no idea this would be one of my best decisions. As a quirk of fate, Srivay merged with Infra.Market and here I was looking up to a bright future.

Having lost my mother at the age of three, the sinking feeling of never growing beyond the difficulties engulfed me. From my education to work, everything was a constant struggle. I had to resort to working to support my education early on. Without any support or backup from my family or anyone else, I worked single-handed to financially support my graduation. While I didnít have a specific career on my mind, I was disappointed when I could not grab a seat for M. Sc. In Chemistry and instead had to opt for MBA in Finance.

But I had always believed that whatever we do, we should do it with all our heart; give it our 100 percent. Looking back, I think along with the support of my colleagues, that was what egged me on to break out of my shell and grow in my career. Especially, I still remember the way Mr. Purnachandra guided me and became my mentor in my initial days here. I thank my stars that I was given this opportunity to prove myself and came out unabated with the help of such remarkable people. Now, I know I shall only move ahead and achieve more from here on.

I am a doer who believes in giving a hundred percent of your efforts to something you have committed to. I was three when I lost my mother and never knew how to be reliant on someone for even the littlest of requirements. Life had trained me to become independent from a very tender age. Except for emotional support, I could not rely much on my father for many of my other needs.

I studied in a government school and always looked for scholarships to support my education. Although I did not have a specific career in mind, after my graduation, I was eying on grabbing a seat in M.Sc. in Chemistry because a reputed college had seats vacant for it. Unfortunately, I could not make it to study Chemistry and went for MBA in Finance instead. I would support my education expenses with multiple part time errands until I was interviewed at an Srivay Infra Projects.

Soon after the company merged with Infra.Market, my life got way better. I had no idea back then that accepting the position at Srivay would turn out to be one of my best decisions. Right from taking up new projects and challenges to being supported by my dear colleagues, the journey at Infra.Market has been so satisfying. With years of struggle behind me, it still feels like a dream to have been working without being stressed out and being able to remove time for my own self.

I would especially like to mention the exceptional support extended by Mr. Purnachandra who has always guided me so well right from the initial days till now. Although I do not have an edged goal as such, I just want to keep giving my best to the firm and see where it takes me.