Shruti More

Coming from a humble background, my childhood was a vibrant journey in one of the chawls in Kalyan, Maharashtra. Growing up with three sisters, I was fortunate to have parents who granted me the freedom to explore and learn. This nurturing environment, combined with our close-knit community, instilled values of togetherness that shaped the person I am today.

I started my professional journey as a receptionist, then ventured into sales but I discovered my true calling as a HR recruiter. However, I sought a purpose beyond my career. On my sister's recommendation I joined, 'Aryan Group,' that was dedicated to uplifting society. We began with modest birthday celebrations and found fulfillment in educating underprivileged children. Over time, we understood their challenges and needs, inspiring us to launch 'Choti si Asha.' This initiative provided comprehensive educational support, including fees, stationery, uniforms, and more. Similarly, another initiative, 'Akash-kandil' brightened Diwali by creating handmade lanterns with kids, with proceeds benefiting an ashram in Badlapur. As our group expanded, so did our impactful projects, including 'e-education,' where we repurposed unused computer parts to empower schools in need. Together, we achieved something which otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

This also helped me evolve professionally leading me into the field of Learning & Development first at Raymond and then at Infra.Market. I can wholeheartedly affirm that my initial endeavor to make a meaningful contribution has molded me into an individual with a distinct purpose: to extend a helping hand to others and foster a sense of togetherness.

As I grew in confidence immensely with the right support, positive environment and togetherness at Infra.Market, I am certain that I am on a path to live a life I will be proud of.

Shruti More

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