Ventalo DBB

Coupled with anti-grease formula and strong suction, this fan is sturdy as well as aesthetically appealing

Superior Air Delivery

Superior Air Delivery

Aesthetically designed to offer the best-in-class air delivery and to complement the interiors of your space

Double Ball Bearing

Double Ball Bearing

Longer life, high speed, and age resistance technology for durability make our double ball bearing fans a sturdy choice

Anti Grease formula

Anti Grease formula

Enjoy dust-ridden air with fans that are easy to clean being designed with anti-grease formula

Strong Suction

Strong Suction

Improve comfort with high performance and powerful suction to assist in quick removal of smoke or odor with fans

Sweep (in MM) 225, 300 Power input (in WATT) 1400, 1350
Speed (in RPM) 45, 70 Air Delivery (in CMM) 700 CMH, 1750 CMH

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